Challenge Updates

March/April challenge

There are currently 17 people interested in the participating in the next challenge.  If you fall into this group make sure to order the Practical Paleo book and start trying some delicious paleo recipes.  Sometime within the next week or two you will be asked to set a soft start/ramp up goal.  Ideas for a soft start goal include:

  • all paleo dinners
  • 5 days of paleo per week
  • nothing out of a bag or box
  • no soda, no bread, no cheese

The ramp up period may be the most important part of the entire challenge.  During this time you be transitioning into the paleo diet and stocking up on paleo foods in preparation to to go “all in” during the challenge month starting April 1.  For a detailed time frame of your challenge group check out this link or the My Real Food Health Challenge Getting Started Guide.

February challenge

Many of the February challenge month participants are finishing up their challenge this week.  What an amazing accomplishment – awesome job everyone!  There is a good chance that you are feeling much better than you have in a long time.  There have been numerous success stories  from you on the Facebook page and in emails reporting more energy, better sleep, improved cognitive function, better skin, improved blood markers, healthier digestion, weight loss, etc.  These stories are profound and inspiring – thanks again for sharing.

Like we have mentioned before the paleo diet is a starting point.  Now it’s time for some customization through a process called food reintroduction.   We highly recommend that you carefully read this article  and create a food reintroduction schedule for yourself. Every BODY is different and now it’s time to figure out what foods work for YOU and what foods you should avoid in the long term moving forward. Listen to your body!

Please feel free to stay a member of the Facebook group page and continue to share your experiences, recipes, questions, and challenges.  We would also appreciate your help coaching those that are new to the challenge if you are willing to do so.  The type of support system that the Facebook group page can create is invaluable to someone just getting started.  Your motivation and practical advice on “going paleo” could help change someone’s life!  Time to help and pay it forward!

Are you interested in participating in the next My Real Food Health Challenge?  Check out our Getting Starting Guide.

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