Goal Setting Video Series

One of the most important parts of any diet challenge is setting clear and concise goals.    This is especially important when “going paleo” since there is no one authoritative definition of exactly what that term means.  If you are considering a 30 day My Real Food Health Challenge use the video series below prior to setting your challenge goals.




Not quite ready for a full blow challenge ?- don’t sweat it, take your time; rushing in too early will only set you up for failure.  Spend some more time in “ramp up” mode by setting a small introductory goal first such as:

  • All paleo dinners
  • 5 days of paleo per week
  • No bread, no cheese, no soda
  • Nothing out of a bag or box

Are you interested in participating in the next My Real Food Health Challenge?  Join our Facebook group and check out our Getting Starting Guide.


Import note: The author of this page is not a doctor or a nutritionist and the information presented on this  site is personal.  Always consult your heath care team before making dietary changes.


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