Practical Paleo Tear Out Guides




Joint Pain and Mobility
Foam Roller (self deep tissue massage)

Paleo food sources

    • Coconut Oil

  • Most grocery stores – Kerrygold grass fed butter and Organic Valley organic full fat cream
  • Aldis – 85% chocolate bars, sardines, canned salmon, avocado
  • Local woods and streams – Venison, fish, and other wild game
  • Bulk coconut oil and MCT oil
  • Stevia (the actual plant leaves ground up, not white powder)

  • Himalayan Salt (try it and you will likely never switch back to table salt):


  • Multivitamin

  • Vitamin D

  • Curcumin



The Health Bridge Podcast – The Elimination Diet with Guest Tom Malterre
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audio only –

Bulletproof Radio – Your Personal Paleo Code w/ Chris Kresser
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Fat Burning Man – Nina Teicholz: Our Country’s Sordid Relationship with Saturated Fats
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Morning Coffee Recipes

Iced Mocha Recipe
This recipe assumes you will be use a one gallon glass jug to mix and store the iced mocha.
– 3/4 gallon coffee (3 batches in a French press)
– 2-3 Table spoons cocoa powder
– 3-4 tsp ground stevia plant
– 3 cups Organic Valley full fat cream (heavy whipping cream not half and half)

Add the cocoa and stevia to the coffee, shake it like crazy, cool it overnight, add the cream in the morning when it’s coolish, and serve it on ice.

You can also try replacing ~1 cup of the cream with several tables spoons of collagen protein powder


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