My Real Food Health Challenge – Getting Started Guide

My Real Food Health Challenge is a FREE 30 day group diet reset program that includes Facebook group support, meal/recipe sharing, online learning, and individual goal setting.  We use the Paleo Diet as a starting point for the initial 30 day challenge and then walk you through the process of discovering what foods and what diet works for YOUR unique body. Here is how it works:

  1. JOIN OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP by clicking on this link and selecting join group.  The group administrator should promptly approve your request.
  2. PURCHASE THE Practical Paleo BOOK and start trying some delicious recipes. The book is about 1/3 recipes, 1/3 meal plans, and 1/3 easy to understand information on the Paleo Diet.  It also includes easy to use color tear out guides.
  3. PICK A CHALLENGE SCHEDULE.  Group challenges typically run bimonthly.  Click here to see the detailed timeline for the current or upcoming challenge.


What can I expect if I do the challenge?
Many people that complete the 30 day challenge experience profound results.  Below is one of many success stories from our January 2016 group:
Do I really need the book?
The Practical Paleo book is highly recommended as you will need it for goal setting and as a reference to complete your challenge.  If you are new to the paleo diet it’s a must have.
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The best part of this book is you don’t even have to read it to get most of the benefits!  As a first step, we recommend you use the color tear out guides at the back of the book to start filling your pantry and give some of the awesome recipes a shot. If you want to get started right away while you wait for the book to be delivered click here the get instant access to an electronic version of the tear out guides.
It’s very important to give yourself some time to transition into this way of eating and to source quality paleo foods – that’s why the challenge schedule includes a soft start and ramp up period.
Will I need to be on the paleo diet for the rest of my life?
While it is true that some people will decide to follow a strict paleo diet in the long term most people prefer a more flexible diet.  Following the 30 day challenge you will be encouraged to reintroduce some of the foods that you removed during the challenge to find out what foods work for you in the long term and what ones you should limit or avoid all together.  The 30 day challenge is the starting point for the customized diet that is right for YOU!
Next Steps Recap
JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP by clicking here and ask to be added to the group.
ORDER THE BOOK and start trying some of the recipes.  If you are not sure about the challenge it’s still a great book with tons of recipes.
SET A SCHEDULE – To fully participate in a 30 day challenge you will be required for one month to eliminate gluten grains, alcohol, and most dairy and focus on eating real whole foods almost exclusively.  You don’t have to decide now if you want to complete the full blown challenge – just get started, learn about paleo diet concepts, see how it goes, and then finalize your decision when you set individual goals.
There is no shame if you decide not to do the full blown challenge; it may not make sense for you at this time based on social commitments, personality type, etc..  While we believe the challenge is the fastest way to profound results, you can still get a ton of benefit by taking a less drastic approach.  Either way we are happy to have you join our group and participate in our community by sharing recipes, ideas, challenges, and successes.
This FREE 30 day challenge could change your life!